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A new innovation from online-based statistical applications that are licensed free with a user friendly display. SWANSTAT is designed with the R programming language by combining various statistical packages that exist according to the needs of data analysis..

Free License

Open Source projects developed by the Expert Team


Accessed online anywhere and anytime


Interface design makes it easy for users in processing data

Make with R

Developed with a combination of testing Package R


It is a new innovation in the form of an application developed by combining various R packages in the form of interfaces so you don't have to be coded anymore. The SWANSTAT application can be accessed online anywhere and anytime so you no longer need to install on your Computer desktop.

This application is an open source project that opens opportunities for those of you who want to join in making the next statistical application.


Online based application that can be used wherever and whenever you need without installing. SWANSTAT is equipped with a help menu in the form of articles and videos that make it easier for you to process and analyze data.

Prof. Dr. Asep Saefuddin, M.Sc
Rektor Universitas Al-Ashar Indonesia
Professor of Department of Statistics of IPB University

Swanstatistics has created a statistical application designed by combining several Package software R into an interface application that is easy to use and can be accessed online without needing to be installed.


Any methods of Statistics

Consists of various commonly used statistical tools. Up to date program so that it will load various new applications as needed

Help Document

Provides the Help Button if you are confused in the operation of the application. Help in the form of articles or video tutorials

Best Visualitation

Equipped with sophisticated graph visualization according to the shape of your data. The graphics are easy to download

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Running SWANSTAT for Free!

Statistics software Based on compiled packages on R Programming.